Siberian Summer Camp (for Serbs)

Some Serbian parents need a suitable environment for their children who struggle with discipline, structure, and patriotism. Russia offers the solution: military camps to learn the Cossack way of life.   Parents have three options of camps, which are far from civilization in Siberia, and last for three weeks.  Children learn how to throw grenades and use other weapons, to survive in the wilderness, and to sing patriotic songs. Not including the plane ticket, the camp costs 200 euros.  This is a small price to pay because the children will surely come back transformed.  If you know a naughty Serbian child, please see the website for more information.

Source: e-novine,com

    • Oscar
    • November 15th, 2010

    How to make you child a future terrorist or a brainless patriot.

    • Cait
    • November 15th, 2010

    Yeah cause I would so send my child ( If I had one) to a “summer camp” teaching them all that. Wish I had that camp growing up. :/

    • Christine
    • November 16th, 2010

    It is a bit frightening. I just thought this was an interesting example of the connection between Serbia and Russia.

  1. Can’t agree more with Oscar!

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